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Why Soy?

Our hand poured soy candles are made from soy beans which is a natural renewable source grown by American farmers. Soy wax is ecofriendly which allows a cleaner burning candle. They are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. It has a lower melting point which allows it to burn slower. Since soy candles are biodegradable, it's easy to clean up with just a little soap and water. Burning candles made from soy wax is a better alternative for allergy and asthma suffers. ​

The majority of the candles on the market today are made from paraffin wax which is made from petroleum byproducts. When you burn a paraffin candle the petroleum in the paraffin wax releases black smoke (soot) which is toxic. This is what causes the black soot around the glass when you burn a paraffin candle. Paraffin wax is toxic to pets, especially birds. The black soot can also damage your walls and furniture. ​

Many companies use the word soy blend and claim to be all natural. Soy blends are not all natural and contain other additives and or paraffin wax. Our candles do not have any added additives, stabilizers or paraffin wax. ​

Great South Bay Candles is dedicated in creating the highest quality eco-friendly soy candles. They are individually hand poured using 100% natural soy wax, cotton wicks and phthalate-free fragrance oils infused with essential oils. Our candles products are also dye free. ​​ All of our packaging is recyclable and or biodegradable to help contribute to a greener environment.