Fire Island Lighthouse view from Kismet

Putting Fire Island and History Into My Candles


As I began Great South Bay Candles, I was deeply inspired by the views from out my favorite spot on Long Island and the history of my area in Suffolk County.  The scents, views and tales of this beautiful area have inspired the fragrances that grace my candle line. 

Some scents in my collection were inspired by the urban sights I see while walking through my neighborhood on Long Island.  Other fragrances in my collection come from trips over the Great South Bay to Fire Island and all the quaint townships that dot the thin strip of the barrier island.

When Inspiration Strikes

Sometimes the candle fragrance has been inspired by how the sea salt smells in combination with the blossoming aromas of Spring and Summer.  Other times the candle scent has been inspired by a historical landmark that beams light into the darkness of the night.

One of my top selling candles was inspired by the Fire Island Lighthouse and the pristine beaches that grace Long Island.  I wanted to find a way to capture the sea breeze in a candle with notes of citrus.  I imagined the flame is like the beam of light that the lighthouse sends out to those needing a light to find their way back to the shore.  Sometimes the history and sights from my favorite spot are the sparks of inspiration for me. 

When History Inspires

For those who may not know the history of Fire Island, NY, here are some of the highlights about the lovely strip of land that lies just off the Long Island south shore:

Is a barrier island with an ocean beach that lies across Long Island stretching over 30 miles. 

The Fire Island Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse on Long Island at 168ft.

The original lighthouse was built in 1826 and was only 74’ high.  Due to its lack of height, a taller lighthouse was constructed adjacent to it.  It was completed in 1858 where it still stands today. 

The island received its name during the 17th century, when fires were built onshore to help identify the coastline for the ships in the Atlantic Ocean.

The island has a handful of residents living there throughout the year.  It is well known for  summer getaways vacationing at a Fire Island house rental or hotel, ferry day trips or by personal watercraft.  

Fire Island is a car free island and the only access around is to bike, walk, golf carts and the use of wagons. Only a handful of cars are allowed on the island such as emergency access, utility and construction in addition to limited winter permits. 

The Fire Island Lighthouse has been part of the U.S. Coast Guard on and off during its lifetime but it is currently operated by the FI Lighthouse Preservation Society.

fire island lighthouse view from the great south bay

After spending countless hours on Fire Island and seeing it as my favorite spot on Long Island, I knew that I would need to create a candle that could comprise the salty fragrance I adored. But also acknowledge the light citrus scent that always seemed to be entangled with the salty scent.

Knowing that my candles have been a reflection of sights and aromas that are not too far from my own front door has been such a blessing.  Inspiration and history can create wonderful hand-crafted items.  I am thankful for all the joyous scents that Suffolk County has to offer. 

When a Fire Ignites Creative Sparks

Some of the most inspirational spots on Fire Island would have to be the quiet township of Kismet. The way the ocean breeze lifts off the ocean there was part of the inspiration.  Other inspiring (instead of fantastic) townships that ignited my creative spark would be Ocean Beach, Sailor’s Haven and Seaview.  Each township created the combination of citrus and the salty ocean breeze.  I was beyond impressed with the fragrance that graced my nose as I traveled along the thin strip of land called Fire Island.

kismet fire island new york

I spent time on the island trying to find the perfect blend and found that it seemed to hit one’s nostrils with such a refreshing feeling.  The crisp, cool body of the candle seems to play well with the top citrus notes of fresh melon, orange and bergamot that envelope the candle as well. With the added base notes of earthy and floral tones, I found this amazing unfolding of the various scents to be the main selling point for this candle.  The candle quickly began to find its way to my #1 selling candle fragrance.

When Candle Care Matters

One aspect of candles that many overlook is how to care for them as you burn them.  I always like to pass along some helpful hints, since you have invested money into hand-crafted candles. Here are a few candle care tips:

  • Trim your wicks no more ¼” long before each burn cycle.
  • Do not burn your candle for more than 4 hours.
  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Never leave a lit candle unattended.
  • Discard your candle when there is ¼” of wax left.
  • You may find additional candle care and safety tips here.

When One Wants to Order

Fire Island is a top-selling scent that comes in 3 different options.  You can get a 8oz glass tumbler that burns for up to 55 hours.  Our travel tins are a great option when traveling. The 7.5oz size burns up to 35 hours. And the final option you have is 3oz wax melts that contain 6 cubes, with each cube having up to 6 hours of burn time.

The best place to find your ideal size and place your order is on our website or you may find our candles at retail locations throughout Long Island. .

Explore this scent, as well as several other scents that might be of interest since they have similar notes. 

When One needs to Know More

As a hand-crafted candle maker based out of Long Island, I strive to keep my scent inspired by Mother Nature around me in Suffolk County.  Great South Bay Candles reflect the amazing landscapes, seascapes and urban sights and scents that keep me grounded.  I am blessed that the creative spark has led to such a diverse collection of candle fragrances and sizes.

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