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  The Gourmet Insider

April 2021

written by Julie Cappiello

Feel Like You’re On Vacation With These Travel-Inspired Candles

Great South Bay’s Fire Island

Famous for its lighthouse, foxes, and parties, Fire Island is often a getaway for people escaping the hustle and bustle of New York City. Great South Bay’s Fire Island candle infuses a custom blend of fresh melon, orange, and bergamot on top with middle notes of lavender and bois de rose and a base of woody violet and musk to make you feel as if you’re basking in that glorious Long Island sunset.

Theresa Gorgone, Great South Bay’s owner and CEO knows the power candles can have, telling The Gourmet Insider, “Depending on the candle fragrance you can feel like you’re either lying on a tropical beach somewhere or just relaxing at a luxurious spa hotel without leaving your home.”

To make you feel even better, their candles are vegan, cruelty-free, and in biodegradable or recyclable packing. 

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How to Make Your Apartment Smell Good : 13 Simple Ways

June 2022

written by Julia Weaver

How To Make Your Apartment Smell Good 13 Simple Ways Redfin Blog Feature

Taylor the Scent to the mood you want to create:

Choose fragrances that help set a mood or ambiance you want to create.  To make your apartment smell good, opt for a candle that has a layering effect that allows your senses to take trips to the seashore, beginning with citrus, then lavender note in the middle and ending with an earthy tone.  Or maybe an invigorating herbal fusion with hints of fresh -cut- basil, clary sage, and mint leaves.  These candle scents will leave your home feeling clean and refreshing.  Vanilla, citrus, or woody candles will make your space feel warm and cozy.  Finally, choose candles made from all-natural, clean-burning wax such as soy wax which doesn't emit any soot or release any toxins when burned. - Great South Bay Candles, high quality candles that were healthier, have a wonderful aroma, and burn longer. 

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Indie Business Network  

Time Travel to Summertime With These 9 Sun-Soaked Scents



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Autumn Aromas: 20 Inviting Scents to Welcome the Fall Season

October 2023

written by Ryan Castillo

pumpkin spice candle picture on a book with aumtumn spices


"When the leaves are starting to change colors, and the weather becomes cooler, I'm always burning a pumpkin spice candle," remarks Great South Bay Candle Company.  "As this autumn scent fills my home, it reminds me that it's the start of warm cozy nights by the fireplace."

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