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When a scented wax candle’s scent throws well, the aroma will fill your room.  Fragrance throw is the name given to the release of scent from a candle and is classified as cold and hot throw.  Cold throw of a scented candle is the release of scent when the candle is unlit.  Hot throw is the release of fragrance when the candle is burning.  While soy candles have a strong hot throw, it will not overwhelm in most cases.  The size of the candle vessel and room definitely make a difference.  Burning candles in open spaces, enclosed rooms and room sizes all contribute to the strength that is thrown by a scent.  In addition, everyone has a different nose, and scent perception is varied; so understand that what is strong to one individual may be weak to another. Listed are some recommendations. 

Tea Lights - Use 3 or more burning at a time for a stronger hot throw in a medium size room.

Wax Melts - Use single warmers in small spaces or multiple warmers placed throughout the home for maximum scent throw.

4-6oz candles - Good for small to medium rooms like bathrooms and small office spaces. 

8-10oz candles - Good for medium to large rooms without an open floor plan, such as dining rooms, bedrooms and kitchens.

Candle vessels with a 5” + wide opening are best for open floor plans and large rooms. 

Achieving the perfect hot throw is part of the holy grail of candle making. Ingredients, formulas, quality of fragrance oils used and continuous testing all determine on how a candle will perform. 

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