Grapefruit mangosteen travel tin candle


citrus soy candle grapefruit and mangosteen

Soy candles are candles made from soy wax, which is processed from soybean oil.  After the beans are harvested they are cracked, de-hulled, cleaned and rolled into soy wax flakes.  The soybean oil is then separated from the flakes and combined with hydrogen where some of the fatty acids are converted and become what is called saturated.  The melting point of the oil becomes altered, making it solid when it is at room temperature.  The United States grows the vast majority of the world’s soybeans, primarily in the Midwest.  While the price of paraffin increases as the world reserve shrink, the supply of soy is only limited by the quantity we decide to grow.  

One of the greatest advantages of soy is that it’s completely renewable and cost effective.  While the performance and beauty of soy candles speak for themselves, they also are eco-friendly, sustainable, carbon neutral and importantly support American farmers. If you are looking for natural wax candles, soy candles are the best choice.




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